Fabia ltd was incorporated in March 2012 as a private limited company under the companies act (CAP.486)

Since its inception, Fabia ltd has grown multifold and has diversified into the core sectors of health care institutions, clinical laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry, in innovative nationwide supply. Especially focusing in the following areas of products:


Infectious diseases test kits

When it comes to enhancing quality and speed of diagnostics, Fabia ltd provides seamless one stop solutions with ACCURATE brand of test kits for use in vitro diagnostics.

Pregnancy and ovulation test kits

Fabia ltd brand of Ms. Tellme pregnancy test kits are designed for the easiest home pregnancy test to use. Ms. Tellme pregnancy test kits, incorporate innovative design features to combine accuracy with ease of use.

Ms. Tellme brand of ovulation test kits offers a unique innovation proven to help reduce the time it takes to conceive. This makes Ms. Tellme OVULATION test kit the most advanced method of maximizing the chance of conception.

Dental Care

Fabia ltd has embraced a wholelistic approach to cater better for our customers by introducing the dental care range of VELYM line of products which comprises of mouth wash, and tooth paste which contain active natural ingredients for an innovative and effective complement for daily oral hygiene.

Portable ultrasounds

Fabia ltd has further engaged in esaote range of quality point of care portable ultra sound machines aimed at providing quality and efficiency to better meet the needs of our clients.

Diabetes care

Fabia ltd provides a blood glucose monitoring system which offers reliable and safe blood glucose tests with FABIA BLOOD GLUCOSE METER MM1200.The system presents more comfortable testing experiences.

Blood pressure monitors

Fabia ltd provides Blood pressure monitoring machines for upper arm and wrist. The FABIA BLOOD MONITORING MACHINE is designed to simplify the measurement of blood pressure and pulse rate at home and deliver consistent, dependable result with clinically proven accuracy.